LearnMate contains a wide range of activities that can be used to build up any type of course.


This activity allows the teacher to design and set assessment tests, consisting of various question types. These questions are kept in a categorized database, and can be re-used within courses and even between organizations. Assessments can allow multiple attempts. Each attempt is automatically marked, and the teacher can choose whether to give feedback or to show correct answers. This activity includes grading facilities.


Assignments allow the teacher to specify a task that requires students to prepare digital content (any format) and submit it by uploading it to the server. Typical assignments include essays, projects, reports and so on. This activity includes grading facilities.


The Certificate activity creates PDF certificates/diplomas for students of the course and is completely customizable. You can add borders, watermarks, seals and even show grade information.


The Chat activity allows users to have a real-time synchronous discussion via the web. This is a useful way to understand each other and the topics being discussed. The mode of using a chat room is quite different from the asynchronous forums as the Chat activity contains a number of features for managing and reviewing chat discussions.


In the Choice activity the teacher can simply ask a question and specify a choice of multiple responses. It can be useful as a quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic, to allow a class to vote on a direction for a course, or to gather research consent.


This activity is where most discussions take place. Forums can be structured in different ways and can include peer rating of each posting. The postings can be viewed in a variety of formats and can include attachments. By subscribing to a forum, participants will receive copies of each new posting in their email. A teacher can impose subscription on everyone.


This activity allows participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary.

The entries can be searched or browsed in many different formats.

The glossary also allows teachers to export entries from one glossary to another (the main one) within the same course.

Finally, it is possible to automatically create links to these entries from throughout the course.


This is a not a true activity but rather it is a "dummy" activity that allows you to insert text and graphics among the other activities on the course page.

 LearnMate Author

    LearnMate Author is a free online course authoring environment that is designed to enable subject matter experts and instructional designers to rapidly build courses and collaborate online on the course creation process

    The LearnMate Author activity allows you to import your courses from a LearnMate Author server easily and use them like Learnmate SCORM activities. More information about creating LearnMate Author courses can be found on the LearnMate Author web site.

    If you don't have a LearnMate Author account yet, you can create one for free at


A lesson delivers content in an interesting and flexible way. It consists of a number of pages. Each page normally ends with a question and a number of possible answers. Depending on the student's choice of answer they either progress to the next page or are taken back to a previous page. Navigation through the lesson can be straight forward or complex, depending largely on the structure of the material being presented.

Live Lesson

LearnMate Live is a web-based platform that allows you to teach a lesson to your students from any computer that has access to the internet. The application also allows you to interact with students via text messages. The Editing Live Lesson page allows you to add a new Live Lesson activity. The page contains the following fields and menus:

Live Lesson*

Enter the name of the Live Lesson in this field. An entry in this field is mandatory.

Live Lesson Intro*

Enter an introduction to the Live Lesson in this field. Enrich the text by using any of the text editing features. An entry in this field is mandatory.

Request student for feedback

This field controls whether or not students are requested to provide feedback for their instructor.

Start Date

Enter a start date and time for the lesson in this field. The Live Lesson can only be accessed on or after the start date by both instructors and students.


The questionnaire activity allows you to construct questionnaires (surveys) using a variety of question types, for the purpose of gathering data from users.


Resources are content; information the teacher wants to bring into the course. These can be prepared files uploaded to the course server, pages edited directly in LearnMate or external web pages made to appear part of this course.


A Wiki enables documents to be authored collectively in a simple markup language using a web browser.

"Wiki wiki" means "super fast" in the Hawaiian language, and it is the speed of creating and updating pages that is one of the defining aspects of wiki technology. Generally, there is no prior review before modifications are accepted, and most wikis are open to the general public or at least to all persons who also have access to the wiki server.

The LearnMate Wiki activity enables participants to work together on web pages to add, expand and change the content. Old versions are never deleted and can be restored.

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