Grade import

Grades may be imported as a CSV or XML file.

Option for export file formats are Excel spreadsheet, OpenDocument spreadsheet, plain text file or XML file.

Note: Grade import is equivalent to manual grading in the grader report. Thus, if grades for a particular activity such as an assignment are imported, they can no longer be edited via the assignment submission page.

To import grades into the gradebook:

  1. Select an import format - CSV or XML file (see below) - then export some grades using the corresponding export format.
  2. Edit the export file as appropriate and save it.
  3. Tip: If you opened your exported file in Excel, don't add columns there because LearnMate will reject the import if there are new columns that didn't exist in the exported file. If you need to add columns, do that in LearnMate BEFORE you export your gradebook.
  4. Select your import format from the gradebook dropdown menu.
  5. Browse and upload your previously saved file.
  6. Set options as required.
  7. Click ‘Upload grades’ button.
  8. CSV import only: Preview the grade import and choose the column mapping then click ‘Upload grades’ to complete the grade import.

To import grades as XML file, you need to ensure that:

  • Users have ID numbers (an optional field in the user profile)
  • Activities have ID numbers (an optional field in the common module settings)

Tip: By default ‘Map from’ is set to First Name, and ‘Map to’ to userid. Change both dropdowns to: ‘Email Address’ to ‘useremail’, or to ‘Id Number’ to ‘useridnumber’ (assuming that your users have ID number fields filled in their profiles).

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