Some organizations (e.g. ministry of education, industry organizations, state board of education, etc.) define a set of goals (also known as outcomes or skills) that students need to achieve. These goals are considered the framework around which teachers are to build their curriculum. Students learn and take assessments. When studying a lesson or answering questions, the systems not only tracks their progress, it also tracks their progress with regards to outcomes. Teacher and administrators can generate reports on how students meet the goals across different courses (Gradebook or other reports).

A specific activity or a question in a course may be linked (mapped) to outcomes from multiple skills standards, and a skill standard may be mapped to multiple activities (e.g. lessons, assessments) from multiple courses. When a course is copied, all outcomes mappings copy with it.

Skills standard – a topic learned.

Outcome description – a heading or several headings splitting the topic to several components and giving a general description to the different parts of the learned material.

Outcome – a skill or an item in the skills standard that defines a particular theory or practical understanding a student should obtain from the learned material.

Example: A typical Layout of a Skills standard:

Skills Standard: Science
Outcome description: Properties of Objects and Materials
Outcome: Objects have many observable properties such as size, mass, shape, color, temperature, magnetism, and the ability to react with other substances. Some properties can be measured using tools such as metric rulers, balances, and thermometers.

You can select an outcome from the drop-down menu and can manually edit and make text changes to the Skills Standard, Outcome description and Outcome. Outcomes can be deleted only if they have not been linked (mapped) to any organization, course, activity or question. You can also view the number of courses and activities the outcome is linked to.

Add a new outcome

Enter outcome general topic name in the ‘Skills standard’ field and outcome detailed description in the ‘Outcome’ field. In the ‘Description’ field you may enter a more general description on the outcome. The text entered here will be seen as tool tip when the curser hovers over the outcome.

You can also add new outcomes by importing .csv files. See Import outcome help file.

Exporting outcomes

Outcomes can be exported by clicking the ‘Export all outcomes’ button. This will send a file (in .csv format) that can be read by Excel, OpenOffice.org or by any text editor.

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