Overall feedback

The overall feedback is text that is shown to the student after s/he have completed an attempt. This text can depend on the grade the student got.

For example, if you enter:

Grade boundary: 100%
Feedback: Well done
Grade boundary: 40%
Feedback: Please study this week's work again.
Grade boundary: 0%

Then students who score between 100% and 40% will see the "Well done" message, and students who score between 39.99% and 0% will see the other message. That is, the grade boundaries define ranges of grades, and each feedback string is displayed to scores within the appropriate range.

The grade boundaries can be specified either as a percentage, for example "31.41%," or as a number, for example "7." If your assessment is out of 10 marks, a grade boundary of 7 means 7/10 or better.

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